Wipe New Ceramic Boost Hybrid Sealant: how to 📽️

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Wipe New Ceramic Boost Hybrid Sealant uses a ceramic enhanced formula to produce premium shine, extended durability and long-lasting protection. Hydrophobic performance exhibits excellent water beading and helps reduce build-up of dirt and dust, making future cleaning easier.

  • Easy to use, non-streaking formula 
  • Additional coats provide enhanced shine and protection 
  • Use as a standalone spray sealant or to boost shine of previously applied ceramic/wax applications 

Wipe New Ceramic Boost delivers a durable shine to your car's exterior. Before using the product, wash your vehicle and make sure it's dry. Now you're ready to apply Wipe New Ceramic Boost. Avoid applying the product in direct sunlight, and make sure your vehicle's surface is cool to the touch before you begin. Shake the bottle well and spray on the product, working in 2-foot by 2-foot sections at a time. After spraying each section, spread the solution using a microfiber cloth, and then buff it to achieve a shine. Wipe New Ceramic Boost can be exposed to light rain right after it's applied, but let the solution cure for 24 hours before more intense water exposure.