It's all in the Details 💫

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Professional auto detailing is an artform, and there’s nothing like taking a ride in a vehicle that’s been restored to brand-new condition.

Detailing isn’t just for luxury automobiles, and can make all the difference when putting a vehicle up for sale. However, we highly recommend treating your ride to a TLC routine on a regular basis so you can enjoy all it has to offer!

The primary components of exterior detailing are wash, including cleaning the wheels, dry and wax and dressing the tires. 

Interior detailing typically involves vacuuming, scrubbing and brushing floor mats, cleaning the carpet and upholstery, glass cleaning, leather cleaning and conditioning.

Rust-Oleum has products to help both the DIY and professional detailer.


Wipe New Blazing Wet Tire Shine: check out this video for tips on how to get the most out of this product: 

Wipe New Trim Restore

Wipe New Headlight Restore

For advanced class, check out Rust Dissolver, Rust Reformer, and Wax and Tar Remover.


Krud Kutter is the OG of Rust-Oleum cleaning products – tough on whatever stain, sludge, or krud you have to deal with! Spanning the gamut from carpet cleaner, rust remover, oil stain remover, glass cleaner, mold and mildew remover, decal and adhesive remover, auto cleaner and degreaser, 3 in 1 automotive cleaner, vehicle pressure washer concentrate, and even a driveway and concrete pressure washer concentrate for cleaning up your driveway when the work is done.

Check it out in action:

Krud Kutter cleaning products and elbow grease can make a huge dent in kids’ sticky snacks, coffee spills, and other cleaning challenges. But pet hair is problem that requires some good deep cleaning skills. We like Detail It’s tutorial on this common detailing challenge.

We want to hear from members who have detailing tips and tricks and good sources for detailing know-how - and we also want to hear from anyone in the Rusto Garage gang who has questions for fellow members about detailing.

Thanks to everyone who commented and participated in our Krud Kutter activity - we look forward to seeing how you use this product! **

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