Universal Bonding Primer: how to with Pete and TJ Zizzo 📽

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Universal Bonding Primer is a professional grade maximum adhesion white primer.  It firmly bonds any top coat to difficult-to-paint surfaces. The formula quickly and easily adheres to bumpers, trim, plastics, fiberglass, galvanized steel, aluminum, and other metal surfaces. 

  • An ideal multi-purpose primer for any exterior or interior automotive paint job
  • Professional grade formula improves bonding for top coat
  • Prevents rust by sealing painted surface
  • Features an advanced spray system that allows you to spray at any angle comfortably
  • Quickly dries to touch in 30 minutes or 1 hour to handle

For best results, clean with soap and water, rinse and let dry.

Available in 12 oz. spray

@Pete and TJ Zizzo are here to show you how to use Rust-Oleum Universal Bonding Primer before painting plastic cladding on a car door.



Questions? @Pete is here to help!