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Today we're spending some time with Rusto Garage member @lindenbob, who has been part of the community for almost a year 🌟

What brought you to Rusto Garage?

I don’t really remember what or how I was brought to Rusto Garage. I do know I have been on various forums and panels since Windows 95 and have always enjoyed giving and receiving knowledge.  As far as being associated with Rust-Oleum, I can remember my dad raving about Rust-Oleum all the way back in the '60s. And what child doesn't think their dad is the smartest person alive?


What’s your favorite part of this online community?

My favorite part of this community is reading what others have to say and seeing if I can also use what they have learned.

How would you describe yourself/occupation to a complete stranger?

I started out working in an auto body shop at the age of 15 and a gas station attendant until age 18 when I enlisted in the Air Force as an Airframe Mechanic. That was basically a fabricator. I always had planned on going to technical college for body shop work and owning my own shop but life had different plans for me and I was a fabricator to refrigeration technician to manufacturing supervisor for 35 years.


What interests you most about the automotive world?

Early on my interest was muscle cars since I started driving in the golden years of muscle cars 1969. My interest soon turned to 4WD and buying every magazine and reading every article I could about the West coast 4wd explosion. Dick Cepek was kind of a hero to me as well as Alex Jackson, who sold complete fiberglass Jeep bodies that were manufactured right here in our town. I had a 1971 CJ5 with 10” wide Kelsey Hayes wheels, roll cage, V6 motor and Hooker header side pipes. Later in life my interest turned back to pretty much any automobile that I considered interesting.


What automotive projects do you like to focus on?

I will be 70 years old this September and I still do all my auto repairs, modifications and detailing myself. I like the feeling after a finished project to just stand back and know I did it myself. It takes longer and beats me up more but I still enjoy it.


What is your favorite Rust-Oleum product? How has it helped with your automotive projects?

I can’t really say I have a favorite. I like all the products for the purpose they were meant to be used for. I guess I can say I am most fascinated with the Rust-Oleum 2x paint for the great price and how well it adheres to everything it is sprayed on.

What is your favorite automotive project you’ve done and how did you accomplish it?

I think I am actually doing my favorite at this moment off and on. I had purchased a set of American Racing bare polished aluminum wheels for my 1995 Tahoe and I am in the process of cleaning and buffing them to look like chrome. It is my favorite because I am doing this all while getting radiation treatment in my right shoulder for cancer. (This is a story all in it’s own right) I am excited because I had purchased some used Boyd Coddington bare aluminum wheels a few years back for my 'Vette and so I know what some elbow grease can achieve.


What’s the most challenging project you have tackled (or are putting off!)?

This may be off subject for here but maybe not. I had a 1997 Stratos 282 Bass boat with an Evinrude 150 HP motor that I wanted to squeak the very last mph and handling that I could. I added a 6” setback jack plate, a torque tab and a 4 blade SS Renegade prop that I had Rich Boger in Arkansas tune for my boat. This all sounds quick and easy but it actually took many hours and fine tuning to get this just right. I achieved my goal but for the life of me can’t remember the stats. I think it ran 62 mph originally and I ended up at 67 mph, not really sure any more.


If you could create any type of automotive product/project (with no limitations), what would you design and why?

I had the opportunity at age 15 to purchase a 1936 Chevy for $100 from my boss and turned down the offer. I think about that dumb decision daily along with many other dumb decisions I have made over 70 years. I want a 1936 Chevy with a 383 Stroker  for doing the Power Tour.

What is your dream ride?

My dream ride is one that a friend owned when I worked at the gas station. 1967 Chevelle SS 396 4bbl, 4 spd. These were elegant and fast at the same time.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know about you.

I try to keep to myself pretty much so there are many folks who don't know. I think the most amazing is I have had cancer since 2017 and have been diagnosed with it 6 different times and if or when I mention it people say “ well you look good, you don’t even look sickly” I grin and say thank you. [Moderator's note: Wow, @lindenbob - you are amazing and I applaud your resiliance!]

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

When I was in the Air Force I did a repair out on the flight line on a Lockheed C141 and my shift chief said it was not my best work. I said it is good enough. He told me don’t ever under any circumstance ever say it “is good enough” once you say that you become that in all aspects of your life. Always strive to be better than the time before. I have carried this input in my whole life.


Kicking back for a relaxing night: what’s your favorite meal? What will you be watching?

This is a tough one, I love food, all food but I guess since this is a special occasion I am having a ham and cheese cosmo with peppers on the side and watching the movie Tombstone with Kurt Russell or Hoovie or Vicegrip on Youtube.

Thanks for spending this time with us, @lindenbob!