Member Feature: Magsy87

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Today we're spending some time with @Magsy87, who joined Rusto Garage earlier this year.

What brought you to Rusto Garage?

The thing that brought me to Rusto Garage was the support from other members. 

What’s your favourite part of this online community?

All the tips and advice that members share, participating in discussions, and the cool swag giveaways.  

How would you describe yourself/occupation to a complete stranger?

I am a car enthusiast, I love cars and I am currently a student enrolled in an automotive program.

What interests you most about the automotive world?

The thing that interest me the most is how custom you make a car from rims to the motor.

What automotive projects do you like to focus on?

I like focusing on older cars, they are easier (at least for me) to work on.

What is your favourite Rust-Oleum product?

Tire Shine is my favorite I think. 

How has it helped with your automotive projects?

I take it with me to car shows. Perfect for prepping.

What is your favorite automotive project you’ve done and how did you accomplish it?

I think it was the engine rebuild we did for one of our class projects.

What’s the most challenging project you have tackled (or are putting off!)?

Replacing the radiator in my Mercury Meteor.

If you could create any type of automotive product/project (with no limitations), what would you design and why?

I think I would rebuild my Meteor the way I would like it and that is gasser style, I love the way the gassers have an intimidating look.

What is your dream ride?

My dream ride is a 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo Super Sport. I've wanted one since I was little when my mom had hers, white with iconic red pinstripe and blue crush velvet interior.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know about you.

I was raised by a single mom. Me and my brother and my mom all slept in a little car in a park across the street from my grandma's because we were not allowed in her house.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?

No matter the challenge you are handed, find a way to knock it out of the park.

Kicking back for a relaxing night: what’s your favorite meal? What will you be watching?

I'd have to say pizza and watching new seasons of Stranger Things.

Thanks for spending this time with us @Magsy87!