Clean and Protect with Wipe New Fierce Wheel and Tire Cleaner

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Wipe New Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner blasts through dirt and grime with ease while both renewing and protecting. Made with an anti corrosion inhibitor, this powerful formula restores tires to their original black, and continues to protect the wheels from the elements and road contaminants.  

This easy to use cleaner yields big results. The speciality formulated high-cling foam packs a big punch. The cling properties allow it to stay on the vertical surfaces long enough to actually dissolve dirt and grime, greatly reducing the amount of physical scrubbing required. 

For an extra polished and shiny finish, apply Wipe News Blazing Wet Tire Shine after cleaning them. The two systems complement each other well, leaving you with a professional clean look.  




Let’s talk product info:

It might be easy to use, but it’s tough on dirt & grime. The powerful deep cleaning formula offers a quick and convenient way to get that professionally clean look. 

  • Removes brake dust, oil, tar & road contaminants. 
  • Acid free formula won’t damage your wheels or tires.
  • Powerful clinging foam that deep cleans and easily applies to hard to reach areas.
  • Restores tire sidewalls to their original black.
  • Protects tires and wheels with its specially formulated corrosion inhibitor. 

What’s included:

  • 1 - 20oz (567 mL) aerosol bottle

Important application information:

  • Ensure the wheels & tires are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight. You do not want the product to dry on the wheels or tires, and hot surfaces would speed up the drying process, so it’s important to make sure they are cool and out of direct sunlight prior to applying the Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner
  • Apply in a well ventilated area. The vapors are harmful inhaled, so be cautious when applying and ensure you have proper ventilation and fresh air. Open all doors and windows if applying indoors. 
  • Keep out of the sun and away from any heat sources, sparks, flames, etc. since the vapors can accumulate and may ignite explosively. 
  • Do not allow the Wipe New Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner to dry on the tire or wheel surface.  Do not leave it on the surface for  longer than 60 seconds. 

How to apply Wipe New Fierce Wheel & Tire Cleaner:

1. Double check that the tire and wheel surfaces are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight

2. Hold the can 6”- 8” away from the surface and spray the entire wheel surface and tire sidewalls. 

  • A lot of dirt and dust can accumulate around the lugnuts, so be sure to spray them well too. 

3. Let the product sit on the surfaces for 30-60 seconds. This will allow it to cut through the brake dust, dirt and road contaminants, making it easier to remove. 

  • If you have heavy brake dust build up, a wheel brush may be needed to scrub the surface clean. 
  • Do not let it sit longer than 60 seconds or dry on the surface. 

4. Clean tires with a stiff bristle brush.  Remove the brown residue from your tires, and bring them back to black by thoroughly scrubbing your tires with a stiff bristle brush. 

5. Rinse.  Make sure to remove all of the product from the surfaces, use a strong stream of water, and rinse thoroughly. 

6. Dry the tires and wheels with a soft cloth. If you let them air dry, you’ll end up with water spots, so to achieve the perfect finish, dry them well with a soft cloth.

7. Lastly, for a professional finish, apply Wipe New Blazing Wet Tire Shine to the tire sidewalls. 

Pro Tips:

  • Only apply to cool tires and wheels that are cool to the touch. Hot surfaces can cause the product to dry too quickly, resulting in it being hard to remove.
  • Spray only one wheel at a time. The product should only sit on the surface for a maximum of 60 seconds, so it's important to move fast, especially if extra scrubbing is required. 
  • Fully saturate both the tire and wheel surface with the product - the more the better, as you want to make sure it's fully covered. Make sure to spray the lug nut area very well.
  • Use a wheel brush to help remove excess brake dust and a soft bristle brush to deep clean the tires. 
  • For a spot free finish, dry the tire immediately with a lint free cloth. If any water dries on the tire it will leave water spots.
  • Finish with Blazing Wet Tire Shine for a deep black, wet tire look.