Wipe New® Again!

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Wipe New® Again! 

How to Restore Your Trim Like a DIY Pro

Tired of looking at your faded trim pieces? Afraid achieving the perfect “clean ride” look means you’ll have to replace them? 


That’s where Wipe New® Trim Restore comes in handy.  The same easy application and great results you achieve with Wipe New® HeadLight Restore Kit is now available for trim pieces. 


Whether you are looking to restore or protect  the inside or outside trim, Wipe New’s specialized colorless nano-polymer formula with ceramic protection gives you that freshly polished look and protective barrier with very little time or money invested. 


Let’s Talk Specs:

Trim Restore allows you to easily restore your weather-faded trim, correct the UV damage, and give an extra layer of protection against the elements.

  • Instantly restores and protects trim, plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces
    • Ideal for use on cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and more
    • For example:  door panels, trim, side mirrors, bumpers, dashboards, leather and vinyl seats, etc. 
  • Specialized colorless nano-polymer formula restores trim by penetrating deep, correcting damage from elements and UV exposure. 
  • Ceramic coating forms a protective barrier to resist future oxidation and fading. 
  • Easy to apply, works fast, and is long lasting - three great attributes in an automotive care product!
    • Easy to use wipe application
    • Dries in 1 hour (wait 24hrs before exposing to water / moisture) 
    • Lasts for 2 years and up to 100 washes (surfaces such as steering wheels and shift rods, that are regularly exposed to skin oils or friction may require more frequent re-application.) 
  • Does NOT contain silicone or oils. This is a huge benefit, especially for those who paint or detail in their garage or shop. Silicone particles get in the air, land on pieces and cause fish eye’s and other imperfections and adhesion issues. 
  • Coverage Area: In most cases 1- (3oz) Trim Restore Kit can cover the inside or outside trim of a mid-sized sedan. On occasion if the trim is very faded or porous, you may need to apply two coats, requiring an additional kit. 

What's included in the Wipe New® Trim Restore 3oz kit : 

  • Written Directions with links to online videos, tips and demonstrations. 


  • Gloves


  • (3) prep wipe cloths  - individually packaged.


  • (3) wipe-it® cloths -  Individually packaged. 


How to Apply Wipe New® Trim Restore like a Pro:

Now that we know how the Trim Restore works, let’s go over how to best apply it. Trim Restore is so easy to apply, all you need is a Wipe New® Trim Restore Kit, a dry workspace, and a few minutes of your time.

Here are some tips to getting the most out of your Trim Restore Kit:

1. Hot surfaces or direct sunlight can result in the final appearance looking streaky. For best results: Apply to a cool surface, in a well ventilated garage, carport or shady outdoor area, and avoid rainy days if your surface will be unprotected from rain/ moisture after application. Once applied, the surface will be dry within 1hr, but can not be exposed to water or moisture for 24hrs.

2. Wear gloves - while this might seem like the step to skip… don’t. Trim restore can stick to your skin and can be difficult to remove. Not to mention your natural skin oils can leave a residue behind and affect the final application.

3. Do  NOT apply to any painted, glass, or mirrored surfaces. If you accidentally get any on an unintended surface, wipe it off immediately!

4. Clean the Surface - Use the Wipe New® Prep Wipes to thoroughly clean the surface before applying the wipe-it® cloth.


Pro Prep Tips:

  • If the surface is very dirty or has oil or grease on it, first clean with a dish detergent or car wash. Do not use a product that contains wax, or moisturizers). Next, it is VERY IMPORTANT to thoroughly dry the surface, wipe it with a chamois cloth, and then let the surface air dry for at least 15 mins. 
  • For best results, after using the Prep Wipes, let the surface dry completely before using the wipe-it® cloth.  Let it air dry for approximately 5 mins.  Waiting until the surface is completely dry will allow you to see where the wipe-it® cloth is being applied, helping to reduce overlap. 

5. Apply the wipe-it® cloth to the surface, with little to no overlap. Reducing the amount of overlap will help you achieve an even, shiny appearance. 

Pro Application Tips:

  • Wipe in long even passes, from one end of the surface to the other, then repeat again below until the entire surface has been treated. For best results, do NOT overlap the passes
  • Once you start, don’t stop! To avoid streaks or uneven looking finish, complete each piece in its entirety. For example, if applying to  your wheel well  trim, be sure to complete the entire wheel well trim piece at once, do not do half and finish the rest later. 
  • When the wipe-it® cloth begins to dry out, discard and get a new wipe-it® cloth. Using a dry wipe-it® cloth can leave a streaky appearance.
  • Do NOT rub, buff, or touch the treated surface with anything including a dry cloth or towel for at least 1hr. 

6. Protect your work - the last step in the process is to be patient, and let the surface dry completely. 

  • Allow the surface to dry, Do NOT touch or move your vehicle for 1hr.  
  • For best results keep in a garage for 24hrs.  ( if you apply outside, wait 1hr before moving into your garage, or covering with a car cover.) 
  • Do NOT expose the surface to moisture of any kind for a full 24hrs. 

7. Show off your ride - Enjoy your newly restored and protected trim!