Ask the Expert Responses: Part 3

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Question from @daddywilson1974: Do you make a UV clear in a spray can that will keep the paint from fading in sunlight?

Answer from @Lorena:

Yes, our Custom Lacquer Gloss Clear and Matte Clear products would help protect from UV fading. For more information, visit:

Question from @Deux: What is the proper prep for the peel paint? How should I paint two or three colors of the peel paint?

Answer from @brianrustauto

Clean and dry the surface first. A primer is not recommended.  Always test the product in a small, inconspicuous area. Mask around the area to avoid overspray, and remove the masking tape after you're done applying, but while the paint is still slightly wet. Remove/peel the paint within 6 months after applying.

Regarding the multiple colors, we do not recommend overlapping colors of peel paint. It is possible the second color or the masking tape could cause the initial color to peel. We suggest thin tape, the use of paper, and careful spraying to keep the colors separated. 

We have 2 peelable product lines: "Peel Coat" and our new "Vinyl Wrap".
Peel Coat is suitable over OEM paint coatings, metal, plastic, and glass surfaces. Apply 4 or more lights coats, with about 5 minutes between each coat. The more coatings, the better and easier to peel later.

Vinyl Wrap is suitable over OEM paint coatings, metal and glass. Do not spray Vinyl Wrap onto plastic. Apply 4 or more light coats followed by a medium coat, with about 5 minutes between each coat.  Again, the more coatings, the better! 

Question from @Ef9johnnyHas a product been designed to restore or restrain the “cladding or sail panels” on the Chevrolet Avalanche models? 

Answer from @Lorena:

If color fading is your issue, our Wipe New Trim Restore kit would be a great solution! It restores the color and shine of faded plastic to like new condition. For more information, visit:

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