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We ask the questions ... you give the answers ... thanks to all our members who participate in polls and quick questions. 

Curious on how your answers compare with those of fellow members? We've got you covered! Read on for enlightenment πŸ’‘

What age did you become a car guy/girl? 

Survey says ... more than half of you have loved cars for as long as you can remember!

57.3% under 10... I've loved cars for as long as I can remember!
36% 10 - 19... it was in my teen years when I really got into it
3% in my 20's... still young but with a bit of cash in my pocket
2% in my 30's... took me a while to get into it, but I'm glad I did!
0% (1 member) in my 40's... what can I say/ I'm a late bloomer :)
1% 50's or beyond... I've got more time now to devote to this passion!

Music Poll 🎧

Survey says ... over 93% of you listen to music while you're working in the shop 🎸


Do you listen to music?
43.3% yes, the louder the better
50.4% I usually have something on, but it's definitely in the background
6.3% no, silence is golden


What type of music?
48.6% rock
9.3% country
2.8% hip hop
1% indie
1.9% pop
1.9% jazz
0% classical :)
34.6% a mix of the above, depending on the day

Thanks to everyone who played along. Keep an eye out in the community for more quick polls - and if there's anything you think would make a fun and interesting question, drop it in the comments below ⬇️