Rusto Garage members weigh in on car maintenance

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Rusto Garage members shared their auto maintenance habits with us!

When it comes to car maintenance, would you consider yourself a self serve (do all the work yourself) or full serve (leave it up to the pros) type person?


For each of the car maintenance jobs listed, tell us if you're 'self serve' or 'full serve'.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this activity! Here's a sampling of comments below.

"I have worked on cars since the age of 15 mainly out of necessity since money was hard to come by. As I aged I was thankful for that hardship. I can't even fathom how much money I must have saved over the last 55 years of wrenching on my own vehicles and some on my children's vehicles also."

"I do a lot of jobs myself. If it is broke I will try to fix it, After all you can’t break it any worse (maybe).Unfortunately finding knowledgeable people is getting hard to do."

"I do most of the work myself, oil changes, basic maintenance, brakes, filters on my daily drivers, but when it comes to my antique cars I do all the work myself. I have restored 11 American Motors cars from the ground up and 3 have been national award winners."

"I will do the vast majority myself but some of the professional equipment like tire machines and alignment etc I don’t have so I will take it in. I’ve been in the industry for almost 30 years so I have my contacts and know who to trust."