Rust-Oleum people, can you please introduce yourselves and tell us what you do with Rust-Oleum??

Submitted to The Shop

Hello Rust-Oleum People! First, Thank you for making decent products. This message goes out to the people with "Rust-Oleum" next to your names in the profiles...

I see a bunch of profiles where very few associated with Rust-Oleum have filled out their profile. I would like to know who you are, and what do you do in the Rust-Oleum family? How did you get involved with Rust-Oleum? When you describe what you do, can you tell us what you like about your job?

Why am I asking this?? Well, On the top of this site, there are some Icons. There is a picture of a house, a group of people, a clip board, a bell, and since I filled out my profile... a picture of me.

I clicked on the picture of a group of people and scrolled through it. I saw Pete and Lisa, on here, and I kinda get a gist as to what they do and who they are based on our discussions... But as I scrolled through, I saw a bunch of people with "Rust-Oleum" next to their names, but not much in the descriptions. Do you have hobbies that use Rust-Oleum products? (Do you use what you develop?)

I would like to know more about the people in the company, so I can thank those that developed the products that have helped me with my projects and restorations.

Honestly, I have been asked on here... "did you do the restoration yourself?" Although, I like to say yes... It would not be possible without you folks doing what you do.

Thank you for making what I do possible and I look forward to hearing from you!