What's your significant other's least favorite thing about your ride?

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We've all been there! That awkward situation when your significant other finally leans over and says "I DON'T LIKE THIS....or THAT ANNOYS ME"!

I'm sure your significant other has complained about something on or about your ride?

What is it?
  • Truck too high??
  • Car too low??
  • Stereo too loud??
  • Exhaust too noisy??
  • No Heat or A/C??
  • Paint too old?

At one point mine really really hated the tint on my car!
Too dark and at night, it was very difficult to see anything out of any window.

It was 5% limo tint all the way around. I had the car in Vegas before I moved it to Ohio where they allow the dark tint due to the heat.

What is yours?