Recap: Favorite Car Movies 🎥 🎬

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We recently asked you to share your favorite car movies. Here's a sampling of what you told us!

Bullet, with Steve McQueen you just can't go wrong with a timeless classic like this. @wll1630

Dukes of Hazard. @Igtmachines

Ghostbusters and Back to the Future. Both cars seem like you can either make it through an apocalypse or travel to any point in time. Pete

I enjoyed the cheezy movie "Corvette Summer" with Mark Hammel, as a Vocational Student that builds the ultimate 70's Glam corvette, and his adventures to retrieve it after it was stolen! It makes me happy to see a young kid building a car! @JJFerrero

Christine.Nothing beats a classic car coming back to life. @Chris L

I watch Emilia Hartford's YouTube. She got a record for the fastest Corvette ...I think C 8..And her channel took off. She lives in LA and her acting wasn't doing good so she did YouTube. Last week she posted how excited she was to go to her screening of the movie she is in -- Grand Turismo. Gonna watch it for sure. Still like gone in 60 seconds. Nice girl ... Ferraris galore. @Arthur

Gone in 60 Seconds Nicolas Cage. @Jrandbs2

I was in high school in the late 70s, so my favorites come from that era. My favorite is Smokey and the Bandit, but others like Cannonball Run, Gumball Rally and Gator are classics in my eyes. @VehicleNanny

Christine is my favorite car movie! I love the excitement, I love how the car never dies, and now there is a part two coming!!! There is also some other nice muscle cars in this movie. @Tophat

Smokey and the Bandit, McQ, Bullitt, American Graffiti. @jaciuk

Smokey and the Bandit org, American Graffiti, Bullet , Vanishing point , Dirty Mary Crazy Larry. @bigdave1963

Thanks for sharing with us!