Custom Spray 5-in-1 Challenge: Ask us Anything here!

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Our latest Challenge has launched and we want to be sure you have all the information you need to participate!

The Challenge brief is posted below, and comments are open for members to direct questions to our product experts and social media team.

Happy spraying!

Get your spray cans ready and try out our newest, most innovative product yet - our Custom Spray 5-in-1!

For this challenge, "old is the new 'new'". We're challenging you to renew an outdoor object or structure that is drab and in need of a refresh. Take control of your project with our five different spray outputs in one can of Custom Spray 5-in-1 to add some life back to something that's past its prime and make it new again.

The only catch? You need to use at least 2 of the 5 spray patterns when working on your project.

This challenge is open to all Rusto Garage members. For the members who received the Custom Spray 5-in-1 cans by signing up in advance to receive the new product by mail, get ready to put them to use! Anyone who didn't receive free product is welcome to purchase their own and participate as well! Custom Spray 5-in-1 can be purchased at any of these retailers  .
We're so excited for our community members to try out this new product and provide feedback... we think you'll love it as much as we do!


To participate in the challenge, you’ll need to use your spray painting skills and our Custom Spray 5-in-1 to freshen up an outdoor object or structure. You will need to use at least 2 of the 5 spray positions during your project. Multiple photos of your project are required for your submission:
  • A 'before' photo showing your piece prior to spray painting
  • 'In progress' photos as you're working on your project
  • An 'after' photo showing the final product
  • We recommend placing this photo first so that it's the one highlighted in the thumbnail of your submission
Visit the Custom Spray 5-in-1 website  for full product details and ideas to help you get started. If you are having trouble coming up with project ideas, feel free to drop a note in our Discussion Forums  to ask other Rusto Garage members for their help. This community is full of great ideas and folks willing to support you!

Once the submission phase closes, we'll put all the qualified submissions out for a community vote to narrow down our finalists. Our team of Rust-Oleum experts will then review the finalists to choose winners for each of our categories! Our finalists will be judged by our expert panel using the following criteria:
  • Project met all requirements outlined above
  • Overall creativity and effort
  • And most importantly, the use of 2 or more of the Custom Spray 5-in-1's spray patterns


To encourage all members to participate, regardless of their skill level or previous experience, we will be selecting a winner in each of the following categories:
  • Biggest Transformation
  • Most Creative Use
  • Expert Pick
  • First-Timers


Winners of each category above will receive a $300 Visa gift card.
Bonus prizes!
  • Our team will be selecting a winning entry based on 'best photography or staging'
  • Anyone who includes a video as part of their submission will be eligible to win 'best video' (*please shoot your video vertically so that it can be used for Instagram or TikTok reels)
Each of these two 'bonus' winners will receive a $100 Visa gift card and the video submission winner will have a chance to be featured on one or more of Rust-Oleum's social media channels.
Shout Out Hashtags: Anyone who posts about their project journey, or simply promotes the Custom Spray 5-in-1 Challenge (even if they're not participating), using both of the hashtags below will be entered into a random draw to win 1 of 2 $25 Visa gift cards.
  • #DawnOfANewSpray and #RustoGarage
Voting: Anyone who casts a vote during our voting phase will be entered to win a $25 Visa gift card.


  1. Your project must be completed between May 1st and May 29th, 2023. Projects completed before this date are not eligible.
  2. You must use Custom Spray 5-in-1 in the completion of your project; and you must use at least 2 of the 5 spray positions .
  3. Complete the Challenge submission form before 5:00 PM CST on May 29th, which requires you to:
  4. Include 'before', 'in-progress' and 'after' photos of your project
  5. List which of the spray patterns you used
  6. Only one submission allowed per member. Members submitting more than one project will be contacted to choose which submission remains in the challenge. If no response is received, the first entry is the one that will remain in the challenge.
  7. This challenge operates under the overarching terms and conditions  that apply to all Rusto Garage Challenges.
  8. Note: We want everyone to be able to celebrate this momentous occastion with us. So for this challenge only, we are waiving the stipulation that a previous winner can not be chosen to win. If a recent winner in our last challenge is selected as one of the winning entries, they will be able to claim their prize.


Once all of the submissions are collected, our Expert Reviewers will evaluate the projects to ensure all rules have been followed and Rusto Garage members will then be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite projects in order to narrow down the submissions to a list of finalists. We'll then pass it over to our Rust-Oleum panel of 5 judges to crown the winners.