A Father / Daughter project....

Submitted to Show Off

My youngest daughter Jamie, has been into cars since she was 2. At that age, she would sit on my lap, shift and steer the car while I operated pedals in the driveway. At age 7, Jamie was driving our 1924 Model T Ford in the yard and doing well. Now my daughter is age 11, and wants to prepare for when she can legally drive on the road.

We are looking to do a budget resurrection on a 1958 Chevy Del Ray. The car did not come with an engine or transmission, but within a week of obtaining the car, Jamie found a BossHoss Motorcycle with less than 900 miles and NOS on it to use as her powertrain. Our Goal is to attempt to build the car from the ground up, make it safe, look presentable, and do it all with a total cost of $5,000. Is it possible?? Maybe. We are keeping a spreadsheet of everything going into the car, and we do not have any sponsors (yet) sending parts our way to keep costs down. As progress continues this summer, follow along and see how my daughter does with a little guidance from her dad, an average car hobbyist.